X'mas Room Decoration Contest (12/18/2016)

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X'mas Room Decoration Contest (12/18/2016) Empty X'mas Room Decoration Contest (12/18/2016)

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 02, 2016 10:10 am

It is Christmas time!
Aren’t you all very excited to see your families and enjoy the vacation?  Very Happy

We know that usually people don’t log on during this time of the year due to traveling, so we are planning to have our FC X’mas event a bit prior to the holidays, on 12/18.

The event is Room Décor contest!
We will also have secret Santa gift exchange at the same time.

Since we want to compare apple to apple / orange to orange, the contestants should only submit their apartment or FC rooms for the contest. Basement of a small house is also okay, as long as you limit the item counts to be comparable to a FC room. Don’t submit your entire personal house or mansion décor lol  Rolling Eyes

Again, we each have 2 votes and whoever gets the most votes wins.


1st place:
1) Mindy Doll Set (Tomato King, Eggplant Knight, Mindy Queen, Onion Price, Garlic Jester)
2) 500,000 gil

2nd place:
1) Diadem music roll
2) Zu mount
3) 300,000 gil

3rd place:
1) Ice Barding
2) 200,000 gil
Please let us know if you are interested in joining as a contestant or as voting participants. Very Happy
Also, please let us know if you are interested in joining secret Santa. We will only be able to organize the secret Santa after knowing how many people are joining.

Let’s have some fun! cheers

Contestants: (As of 12/5/2016)
1) Sneaky (FC Room)
2) Homeschool (FC Room)
3) Khrys
4) Frog
5) Tyrata (Personal House Basement) - Won't be able to attend
6) Z (FC House Basement)
7) Lia (FC Room)
8 ) Anderial (FC Room) - Won't be able to attend
9) Tres (FC Room)
10) Eiri (FC Room)
11) Dion (FC Room)

1) Jadelyn
2) Kitt
3) Doom


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X'mas Room Decoration Contest (12/18/2016) Empty Re: X'mas Room Decoration Contest (12/18/2016)

Post by Jadelyn on Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:44 am

The event was fun! The result is out!

1st place: Khrys
2nd place: Homeschool
3rd place: Eiri

Khrys will be uploading the pictures. I will provide the link to this thread once he finishes uploading!

Good job!
Thanks for joining!


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