Free Company Rules

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Free Company Rules

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:08 pm

1) Keep our community nice and friendly. We want to have fun together. If we happened to progress while having fun, that’s great. If not, don’t stress. Take it easy and slow.

2) No elitist attitude. Put “we” before “I”, “us” before “me”.

3) Mind your communication style. Keep your suggestions/comments of other players’ skills positive and constructive.

4) Keep the FC chat PG13 and decent, free of inappropriate language. We have family and kids here.

5)  It is not a dating group. Keep your romance/love games or dramas outside of the FC. No flirting/harassing allowed.

6) Be polite and thankful of the officers. When requesting buffs and help, please understand that we are not obligated to answer all the requests.  

7) If you are an officer, please refer to your rank duties and be prepared to contribute some community service time (roughly 20% of your play time depending on the role). If you cannot fulfill the requirement of the role, your officer position will be reassigned.

Offenses and dismissals may or may not be warned, depending on how disruptive the behavior is to the FC.


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