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Post by Admin on Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:56 pm

Running a Free Company (FC) is not an easy task. In order to ensure that everybody in the FC can have a good gaming experience, we setup officer roles to share the responsibilities.

The officer roles are to give people the power to serve our members.
Taking on an officer role means that you will have to contribute more to the community compared to average members. It means that at least 20% of your play time will be spent on community services.
You need to be online often to address people's needs. If you cannot be online for more than 2 weeks, please discuss with the leader and find a replacement or an interim substitute.
You also need to meet certain criteria to fulfill each role.

Please see below for a list of our current ranks and their responsibilities:

Mommy Owl- Leader: Jadelyn
Role: Officer coordination/support, conflict mediator, member promo/demo/removal, $$ donor, recruiter, airship scheduler, and garden scheduler

Daddy Owl - Co-leader: Kitt
Role: Leader’s tasks in her absence

Timber Nester-Crafting & Workshop Contributer : Homeschool / Bob (Khyrs / Cgt: on break)
Role:  Leading workshop projects, scheduling airship, supplying company actions wheels, buff renewal
Criteria:  High level craft

Nest Weaver-Housekeeping: Eiri
Role:  Decorate our house inside and outside

Chillin Hawk-Activity Organizer :  Clyve / Lia
Role: Leading routine FC activities (Pony/bird farms, treasure map runs, wondrous tails, older content clear runs, diadem), planning special events like parties and competition
Criteria: Fun and organized person, ability to lead fights/call out, patient with wipes

Wiser Falcon-Battle Mentor: Anti
Role: Battle call-out person/Mentor
Criteria: Patience, up-to-date with most current contents, good communicator, high skill, ability to lead fights/call out

Redwing Falcon-Warriors:
Role: Filling in fights to help members with their clears or events
Criteria: Good skill level

Humming Nester-Gardener :  Doom / Tres
Role: Planting and Gardening. Either for personal use or for the group.

Even if you are not an officer, we all have this shared duty to build a nice and friendly FC community.
You can contribute by:
1) Helping each other
2) Answering questions
3) Doing dailys with the FC
4) Greeting
5) Participating
6) Being a nice and friendly person

We each contribute to each other's experience in game. Let's all work together to make this FC a warm and fuzzy place for all. Smile


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